Writers’ Services

Whether you are preparing a novel for publication or a manuscript for evaluation by a publisher, your work may benefit from any of the following services:

Standard proofreading is the simplest task where variations from your original manuscript are marked in your typeset copy. Editorial errors are queried.

Editorial proofreading provides for spelling and punctuation corrections, as well as simple errors in grammar or word usage. Obscure passages are marked for the writer’s attention.

Copyediting is the process where grammatical errors are corrected, and where your sentence structures are reworked to ensure clarity and consistency in style.

Research is an increasingly important task for writers, and an editor can assist with library or Internet-based research to assist you in your work. Areas of interest may cover statistics, fact-finding, interpretation of data and identifying factual errors within your text.

Writing is a service especially useful for those who wish to convert ideas, notes, information or research into a literary work. Not everyone is confident of writing to specific markets, and those who do not have English as a first language may find this a useful way to proceed.

Rewriting is where the author requires an editor to rework and restructure the text for maximum clarity. The editor would maintain a close contact with the author throughout this process.

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