Personal Services

Despite the widespread use of personal computers and word processors, many people are still not confident in expressing themselves in written form. Being educated does not necessarily equip a person with the particular skills of a writer or editor. Some of the greatest minds depend on editorial and secretarial support to write their letters and draft their autobiographies – and how many politicians write their own speeches? I provide similar support in the following areas:

Your résumé may be your gateway to employment. A dull and uninteresting document could give a prospective employer a bad impression of you, even before an interview. A wordy, over-bloated document may simply be ignored by the human resources officer surveying your application for a job. Your résumé must do two things: catch any prospective employer’s attention, and give them the relevant details effectively and succinctly. Most importantly, it must be mistake-free.
    Writing a résumé or a curriculum vitæ is a special skill; these documents require attention-grabbing simplicity. I can achieve this for you.

Personal correspondence may seem an unlikely target for editorial services, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many letters you write may be of great importance to you: letters of complaint; letters to government; sensitive personal letters to people you do not know well; letters of explanation to organisations; letters of introduction – all of these require proper writing or editing. If you do not feel confident to express your needs or expectations as well as you would want, why not ask me to do it for you?
    This service is invaluable to those who do not have English as their native tongue. For a relatively modest fee, you can have a well-structured letter perfectly outlining your ideas – and I guarantee strict confidentiality at all times. Of course, if your letter is of a legal nature, you should use a solicitor.

Genealogies and family histories are growth areas in personal writing. People spend years gathering genealogical data, family anecdotes and research on people and places – and the desire to publish is usually very high. Once again, a writer, copyeditor or editorial proofreader can assist you to tell your family’s history to the world. I have experience in this field, and can produce anything from a report to a short novel.

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