If you wish to explore the world of English grammar in more depth, then I recommend you visit any of these excellent sites. I would be grateful if visitors would advise me of any dead links.

Common Errors in English: Paul Brians writes from an American English perspective. This site is one of the very best for sorting out errors in English. Highly recommended.

Guide to Grammar & Writing: an excellent general source of information that includes help with writing style, grammar and formatting academic papers.

Henry Churchyard’s Linguistics: a good article on the use of ‘their’, ‘they’ and ‘them’ as singular pronouns.

The King’s English: a wonderful online version of Fowler’s magnificent work.

Plain English Campaign: every lover of our language should support this campaign.

Veritas Prep – a Guide to Writing for College: an excellent compendium of articles designed to help develop writing and revision skills for college students. My thanks to the Teen Zone Writing Club of Colorado for this link.

Wikipedia: Manual of Style Wikipedia is an excellent online resource. Many of the contributions are world-class and it is constantly evolving. Where differences of opinion exist, both sides are well represented. Will this be the eventual source for the standardisation of the English language?

World Wide Words: an outstanding site run by Michael Quinion. A lot of information on the origin of words. Michael writes from a British English perspective.

Word Wise: a list of common abbreviations and acronyms.


Society of Editors (Qld) Inc.: the official website of the Queensland Association.

Society of Editors (NSW) Inc.: for New South Wales.

Editors Victoria: the association for Victoria.

Canberra Society of Editors: the association for the national capital, ACT.

Society of Editors (SA) Inc.: the association for South Australia.

Society of Editors (Tasmania) Inc.: the association for Tasmania.

Society of Editors (WA) Inc.: the association for Western Australia.

IPEd Australia: the official website of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited – the national organisation to support Australian societies of editors and their members.

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