Academic Services

I offer a variety of editorial services to students and researchers: from copyediting to writing. I regularly proof and edit:

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students have strict requirements to fulfil when presenting their assignments or theses. Not only must their text meet the prerequisites of the course, but it must be readable. Lecturers and examiners have little time to wade through poorly expressed ideas, misspelled text and badly structured arguments.

Today, more than ever, students need to ensure that their PhD or Master’s thesis will meet the specifications of the examining board, and this can often be achieved by simply having your text edited before handing in your work. Of course, I will strictly apply the ethical standards required by universities and ensure that the content is not altered or added to during the editorial process.

Students can spend months preparing their paper, and often become too close to their work to see the errors. A proficient editor will correct the mistakes, improve the grammar and identify inconsistencies in spelling and terminology. It may make the difference between a pass and a distinction.

I offer lower rates to full-time students. To qualify, students should not have tight deadlines – a reduced rate can only be offered where the work can be threaded into my regular commercial work.

Researchers can benefit greatly from having their ideas and data transformed from a collection of statistics, measurements and concepts into a readable document. A research work usually has objectives, methods, results and conclusions and I can work with you to produce the journal, manuscript or tome that your work deserves.

Whether you need writing, editorial proofreading, or standard proofreading, I can help make your final work something you can be proud of.

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